Haj, one of the five pillars of Islam, is a memorable purification journey that a person with strong Islamic faith performs once in their life. It is a compulsory pilgrimage tour for a Muslim who is financially and physically sound. At Al Taif, we comprehend the importance of Haj in your life. So, we offer several different Haj Packages from different towns/cities in India. Our Haj Packages range from 7 days to 40 days and include services like:

  • Economy Haj
  • Deluxe Haj
  • Luxury Haj 

These pilgrimage packages include a comfortable stay at Makkah, Mina, Madinah, Arafat, and allied holy places. As a leading holy trip operator, we offer standard packages in different categories to cater to your varied needs and choices. However, we customize a Haj Package just for you based on your provided information and details. 

Thinking about going on Haj is truly a big thought and rewarding. Only a few of you (followers of Islam) get a chance to fulfill this wish. Performing it is a very sacred act in Allah’s eyes and allows you to receive eternal blessings and purify yourself.

As per the name, getting a personalized Haj Package or choosing the one from the available options is a profitable deal for islam followers across the globe. As you think about it, you need to get in touch with a reliable and licensed holy trip operator. And Al Taif is one of the most trusted Haj Tour organizers in India. We make your purification journey smooth, convenient, and safe.      

  • All Prices Are Subject To Availability At The Time Of Booking​

1 Departure To Jeddah
2 Check In Makkah Hotel from Haram 500/600 Mtr, Accommodation (Room Shared 4 & 5)
3 Start Of Hajj At Mina Camp (Hajj Journey)
4 Proceed To Arafat After Fajr Prayers Stay Continues In Arafat And Proceed To Muzdalfah After Azan-E-Maghrib (No Tents Are Available In Muzdalfah)
5 Proceed To Mina After Fajr Continue With Hajj (1st Ramee Arkan) /Jamarat & Qurbani
6 Stay At Mina (2nd Ramee – Arkan) & Tawaf – E – Ziyarat
7 Stay At Mina (3rd Ramee – Arkan) Proceed To Makkah Hotel Accommodation After Asr As Per Muallim’s Instructions
8 Check In Makkah Hotel from Haram 500/600 Mtr, Accommodation (Room Shared 4 & 5)
9 Check In Madinah Hotel from Haram 250 Mtr, Accommodation (Room Shared 4 & 5)
10 Check out from madinah hotel and flight back from Madinah or jeddah with Direct Flight Saudi Airline
Package Cost Per Person
5/6 Room Sharing Call Now
Triple Room Call Now
Double Room Call Now
Price Includes :
  • Return Air Ticket
  • Hajj Visa & Drafts
  • All Daily Meals – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Bus Arrangements During 5 Days Of Hajj
  • Ziyarat
  • Transport
  • Laundry Services
Price Excludes :
  • Service Tax as per actual
  • Qurbani, [Can Be Arranged Upon Request]
  • Transportation From Mina To Makkah And Back On 10 & 11 Zil Hajj
  • Transportation From Muzdalfah To Mina On 10th Zil Hajj
  • Room Service
  • TCS 5%
  • GST 5%
Child Policy:
  • Child Below 2 Years Rs. 70,000/- Less
  • Child Between 2 & 5 Years Rs. 30,000/- Less
  • Child Below 12 Years Rs. 10,000/- Less
  • On Any Package Selected